MG Car Club Holland
Dutch sister club of the MG Car Club

Lenham motor compagny Ltd
A lot of history of the Lenham, Ashleey and Sebring Midgets can be found here

MG Midget Register England
Established in the late seventies, the Midget Register of the MG Car Club exists to encourage and promote the ownership and use of these fun little cars..

Buying An MG Midget
Link to the MG owners club

MG Car Club England
The original MG Car Club founded in 1930

Ton Blankespoor
This one makes still aluminium Sebring Sprites

MG Enthusiasts' Club
The MG web site and car club for MG Enthusiasts world wide

John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprites
The Sebring Sprite Coupé produced by John Sprinzel's

The Midget & Sprite Club (MASC)
formed in 1983 by a group enthusiasts

The "Jacobs Midgets"
Reflecting on three rather special racing MG Midgets of the 1960's.

Arkley SS
Designed by John Britten in 1969 conversion kit to be fitted to the MG Midget or Sprite.

Classic Car auctions
The Classic Car auctions offers a number of Midgets