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About us
the MGA Register Holland

MGAs in the Netherlands
Between 1955 and 1962 Molenaar Automobielen in Amersfoort, the Dutch importer for Morris and MG, imported 735 MGAs to the Netherlands. Some went overseas again as military personnel stationed at air force bases like Soesterberg shipped them across to the US.

Molenaar Automobielen also assembled MGAs at their plant in Amersfoort. These were the so called Completely Knocked Down cars. They were painted and assembled in the country of destination. This was done for cost reasons primarily due to stringent tax regulations at the time. Several of these CKD cars were exported to Belgium after assembly.

Over the years many original Dutch cars disappeared due to the harsh climate in Northern Europe. However large numbers of MGAs were imported from the United States, where 80% of the total MGA production was shipped. Currently there are approximately 1400 MGAs in the Netherlands. Please see the register tab for detailed statistics.

Our scope & activities
The MGA Register Holland primarily records data on Dutch MGAs. Defined as cars that came here originally or were imported later. However to get a complete picture on the numbers of MGAs still existing today we will register every MGA we come across. Therefore you'll find a vast numbers of cars in our databases that have no relation to our country.

Our register records data on cars, historic events and photos & advertisements of MGAs. By means of this website we hope to share this information with owners and enthusiasts as best as possible.